What's happening?

Currently struggling to catch up learning Japanese. Online class is suck. Remember that habit is always number one for studying foreign language.

Preparing #Monad project. Post something useful, short, and interesting in instagram. Personal growth is hot topic right now. Growing up and becoming an adult is not easy.

"I am a undergraduate student, I seek anything to learn and experience, in a world that isn't centered around, far-far away from my own corner, to the other, the unknown. What for? to find myself."

Goals & Interests

  • Being storyteller (through writing)
  • Traveling around the world (Japan I'am coming!)
  • Reduce environmental and social problems (uhm)
  • Read books with beautiful story (I like the vibes)
  • Watch good and entertaining movies (aka melancholic movies)
  • Enjoy anime a lot ("Rewrite" recommended)
  • Sometimes plays games too (Genshin Impact)
  • Love listening to music (Sakamichi groups, japanese music in general)

Updated on 2021-10-27