The Past Emotional Wounds

Healing past emotional wounds that build up ever since is the bravest breaking-point somebody can do, it isn’t one night job but a life time journey. The journey begins after somebody realizes that the things that is necessary for us to grow is to let go the past and break the unhealthy pattern we create over and over again. Within self-realization come self-awareness, then it teach us about our own responsibility to ourselves.

Parts of the healing are forgiveness (to others and importantly to ourselves), our own inner-monolog (it’s also called self-talk), and maybe re-parenting too. We need to embrace our inner-child, the part of ourselves that think and act like a child. That is largely forgotten by today society after we become adults.

I hope you can start to heal, living with intention, and find joy in everyday life. That journey is also part of self-love :).

Love and big virtual hug for you ❤